Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hiatus. This word has such a hold over me, a strange, toxic stranglehold that rears its ugly head at the worst of moments. In some ways, I love it. The ability to just up and leave and to take a break from life itself it seems is a glorious thing indeed. If only it were true. I've realized that this lure is nothing more than a cleverly designed lie.

You see, a hiatus is much different from a vacation. A vacation is something that we all should have once in a while that is intended to provide us with a much needed break with the understanding that you should and will return back to work as soon as this lovely break is over. A hiatus on the other hand is far more sinister. While posing as a vacation of sorts nothing could be further from the truth. A hiatus is nothing more than an phony escape hatch. Let me repeat- a hiatus is nothing more than an phony escape hatch.

Recently, I've done my best to take a hiatus from my life. Assuming you've kept reading up until this point, I'm sure you can imagine how that must have worked out for me. I even had a vacation but I'm sorry to say that while I enjoyed seeing loved ones, I returned feeling like I needed a vacation more than ever before. Not until yesterday did I realize that when I feel the need to escape or get away from it all, what I'm really looking for is a sabbath.

Sabbath means "to cease, rest" in Hebrew. It's not the typical sleep, don't do any of your work or anything else kind of deal, rather, it's taking time out of your craziness to step into God's holiness and essentially recharge with the One who makes the Energizer bunny look like a major chump. After weeks of trying to find ways to escape from it all and recharge myself I finally found what I was looking for while on a plane and all I had to do was to open up my Bible and myself and let God in. He took care of the rest.

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