Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Seriously? Until I saw it, I didn't believe it...

Happy Tuesday everyone!

This one is truly incredible. I actually have no words. Ok, maybe I can scrounge up one. Pathetic. This is just plain pathetic. I weep at the knowledge that this actually has taken place in society.


I would like to write more, but I am currently fuming about some of the occurrences that took place this evening at tutoring. Tomorrow I should be calm enough to explain, but not now, oh not now. I'll focus instead on what I am thankful for and think happy thoughts.

I am thankful that our apartment, which is currently undergoing a renovation in the balcony region, is not suffering any ill effects from the procedure. While it is true that we have had to deal with a lot more noise than usual, our apartment has remained relatively unscathed, unlike a majority of other apartments in the building whose walls are beginning to fall down around them. In fact, this problem is so far removed from me that I didn't even realize that this was happening. Talk about being blessed. So thanks once again to The Man running the show for keeping the walls, floor, and roof over my head from crumbling, literally.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Greetings friends.

Today's find is nothing short of genius! I have searched, oh how I've searched, to bring you this glorious portrayal of desperation, hair, and quite a line up of characters. With no further ado, here it is (don't be alarmed by the title, its safe to watch!):


I urge you all to immediately go and watch this compilation. It will seriously be 4 of the best minutes you've ever had!

As promised, what I am thankful for today are friends who spur of the moment decide to whip up a fantastic dinner to share. My dear friend, (you know who you are), you are a delight! Being able to come over to your place and enjoy a great meal and fellowship was exactly what I needed. Thanks again!

And now dear readers, I send you off to commence in all of the various weekend activities that you have planned. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

True to my word, here are the 2 things that I said I'd daily post:

First of all, for entertainment's sake, you must go visit this site. It has a fantastic collection of pictures that truly are hard to comprehend without seeing them for yourself. Enjoy!


Next, I would like to say that I am thankful for being able to reach out and connect with a friend that is multiple states away. The stars aligned perfectly and allowed us to reconnect and talk about life. It was fabulous. So thanks to you Verizon Wireless!

That's all for now!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm trying.

I think I've said that phrase at least a billion times in the past month alone. I really have used it in pretty much every situation I can think of from the mundane to the unimaginable and today was no exception. "I'm trying," was tossed into a conversation with my mom, (like the loose change in your pocket that you unthinkingly just add to the tip because its there), and I didn't realize what I had said until it had passed through my lips. Then the realization hit.

The phrase, "I'm trying" has actually come to mean, "yeah, well, whatever. Back off."

When did I become so guarded? When did I learn to speak easy words that mask what I'm really saying instead of the words that sting, but resound with the truth that they contain? Why have I not paused to think about the subtle lies that fly out of my mouth? Honestly, I'm not sure. I do know that I am tired of this process.

So here are some words that sting a little:
I'm not doing fine. I don't have everything figured out the way I said I would, the way I convinced myself I would. I feel confused- like I'm in a haze all the time. But I'm not down and out, I refuse to be.

I'm going to try to be honest with myself and others. And I've decided that I'm going to take the initiative to look positively at my life. Each day I will try to post something funny or weird or whatever that I want to and also to post something that I am thankful for. Let's see how this goes.
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